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Offering private piano and music theory classes that are tailored to your interests and goals.
• Lessons for BEGINNERS of all ages welcome
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LengthSingle Class12 Classes
30 mins$20$220
45 mins$30$330
1 hour$40$440
(Both in-person and virtual options available)

Rachel Baird

I have been playing piano for over 25 years, and have completed my Advanced Rudiments (Music Theory), and the RCM Teaching Elementary Piano course. I am currently working towards completing my Level 9 Comprehensive Certificate in Piano.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Queens University, and am a huge lover of musical theatre. Some of my favourite musicals include: Into the Woods, Rent, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Grease, Sweeney Todd, Chicago, and Cabaret.

I have spent the past sixteen years teaching individuals of all ages swimming lessons and first aid classes, and am excited to switch my focus to one of my biggest passions, MUSIC!

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that learning should be fun and engaging. Practicing shouldn’t feel like a chore. My teaching philosophy is to ensure that my students are excited to learn and practice between lessons. I do this by integrating interactive games/activities for students of all ages/levels, and by selecting a variety of pieces together that will build the required technical skills while relating to your personal interests. The Royal Conservatory of Music program has a rich selection of repertoire, etudes, and contemporary music to choose from. Want to learn to play Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Disney musicals, The Beatles, or even Bella’s Lullaby? I love contemporary music, and I’m sure we can find something to pique your interests as well!

Everybody learns differently, and I aim to adapt according to your learning style. I do not believe in imposing strict guidelines, or running everyone through the same curriculum. Music is after all a creative art, and I want all of my students to discover and play with music in a way that is unique to them. I encourage my students to think outside of the box and come up with new ways to learn and think about the information we are exploring. Most of all, I love questions. Ask me all the questions in the world without fear of judgment and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Playing the piano doesn’t have to be a public affair. I understand how intimidating it can be to imagine playing in a recital, exam, or in front of others. I never want this to be a barrier for someone to explore their love of music. I welcome individuals who want to learn music for personal enjoyment and those that want to make it a career. I want to foster an open environment where everyone feels safe to express themselves and together we can increase our confidence in examinations and public performance.

You decide what your goals are. The only requirement I have is that we set long-term goals with all parties involved in the learning process. It’s important to me that my students want to learn music, and are active participants in their goal-setting. I don’t require minimum practice hours, examinations, or recitals, however, these are things we will discuss during our goal-setting sessions. I do think that structure is important, but each individual needs to figure out what system works for them. Learning to play an instrument is a huge commitment, and adherence to some sort of routine is crucial.

I believe that music is good for the soul and the mind. Cultivating a passion for music at a young age is so vital to children’s development. Whether it’s banging on the tupperware, tambourine, or piano, music helps children with rhythm, patterns, movement, memory, creativity, and a variety of aural skills. Music also has a positive effect on the adult mind. Playing and learning music can be soothing to the soul and can both relax and revitalize the mind. Music is a universal language, and one that can speak right to your heart. I hope to inspire musicians who draw tears from their audience—that is how powerful music can be.

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